The Daily Brew Master

For those in search of that perfect cup of coffee without the hassle, the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker offers a blend of convenience and quality that sets it apart. Designed to cater to diverse coffee needs, this machine is an all-in-one solution whether you prefer a single serve or a full pot. One of the standout features is its programmable settings, which allow you to wake up to the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Moreover, its intuitive user interface and easy-to-clean components make it a practical choice for busy households and offices alike. With options that range from basic models to more advanced machines with customizable brew strengths, Hamilton Beach brings the coffee shop experience right into your kitchen. The brand is committed to engineering reliable, long-lasting appliances, and their coffee makers are no exception. So, if you’re looking to elevate your daily coffee ritual, the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is your go-to appliance for a consistently great brew.

The Versatile Range Of Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers: Choose Your Brew

Hamilton Beach offers a diversified range of coffee makers to suit different lifestyles and brewing preferences. Here are some categories:

Single Serve Coffee Makers

Ideal for individuals or those who like their coffee on-the-go. These machines quickly brew one cup at a time, often compatible with K-cups or ground coffee.

Programmable Coffee Makers

Designed for convenience, these machines can be set up in advance to brew coffee at a specific time. Perfect for those who want to wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee.

Drip Coffee Makers

A classic choice for many households, these machines are perfect for brewing multiple cups of coffee in one go. They usually come with a carafe and offer various brew strengths.

FlexBrew Systems

These are versatile units that offer both single-serve and full-pot options, catering to different needs without the need for separate machines.

Espresso Makers

For the lovers of strong and rich coffee, these machines offer the ability to brew espresso shots and even cappuccinos or lattes with certain models.

Grind-and-Brew Systems

These machines come with built-in grinders, providing the freshest coffee possible by grinding the beans just before brewing.

Each type of Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker offers unique features ranging from different capacities, brew strengths, and even iced coffee options, making it easier for you to find the perfect match for your coffee needs.


Flexibility defines every coffee maker in the FlexBrew line. FlexBrew coffee makers allow you to brew a great cup of coffee using single-serve pods such as K-Cup pods or your favorite ground coffee.

With a FlexBrew coffee maker in your kitchen, you will enjoy maximum brewing flexibility. You can brew into mugs or travel mugs for up to 10 ounces. single-serve coffee from a pod, or brew up to 14 oz. with ground coffee. With the 2-Way FlexBrew coffee maker, you can brew a single cup or a whole carafe of coffee, or even program your coffee pot to be ready when you wake up. With all this flexibility, you’re sure to find the right FlexBrew coffee maker for your needs.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker - 49980A

The Hamilton Beach 2-Way Programmable Coffee Maker allows you to brew up to 14 oz. Pour your favorite ground coffee into a mug or travel mug and simply scoop, set and brew. Any loose coffee grounds can be used. When you want a full pot of coffee, the coffee maker brews up to 12 cups of ground coffee on one side and gives you the option to program the coffee ahead of time to be ready for the wake up call. The Hamilton Beach 2-Way programmable coffee maker includes a 12-cup glass carafe and single-serving mesh scoop to easily measure and fill ground coffee.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker - 49976

When you want 12 cups of coffee, simply fill the water tank and brew basket on the side of the glass carafe as you would with a traditional coffee maker. You can use Easy-Touch programming to set up the wake-up coffee the night before and use the auto pause and pour cup to pour yourself a cup before the brew cycle is over. After brewing, the coffee is held in the coffee pot for 2 hours and then the power automatically shuts off. Whichever brewing method you use, Select-a-Brew lets you choose bold or regular brew strength. The flexible design of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio coffee maker allows you to brew coffee in three different ways.

The Defining Qualities: What Sets Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers Apart

Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers come packed with features that cater to a broad range of coffee-drinking preferences. One of the most noteworthy is the Dual Brewing Option, especially available in their FlexBrew models. This allows users to switch effortlessly between a single cup or a full carafe, offering both convenience and flexibility. Customization doesn’t stop there; many models have programmable timers and brew strength selectors, letting you tailor your coffee to your exact taste specifications.

Compatibility is another strong suit. Whether you prefer using K-Cups or traditional ground coffee, Hamilton Beach has a model designed to accommodate both. Safety and ease-of-use are also accounted for with features like Auto Pause & Serve, which allows you to sneak a cup before the brewing process is complete, and Auto Shutoff for added safety. The build quality is robust, ensuring longevity, while the user-friendly interfaces—often featuring digital displays—make operation a breeze. These myriad features come together to define what makes Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers a versatile and reliable choice for coffee enthusiasts of all stripes.


Will not spill, crack or burn.

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee maker provides convenient one-handed dispensing without the need for a traditional glass water bottle. There’s no pouring or spilling, and nothing fragile to break or replace. Best of all, nothing gives your coffee a burnt taste, so “your last cup will taste as fresh as your first.”

The closed brewing system and gentle thermal heater ensure that the coffee retains its heat and flavor for hours. You can make your coffee as usual, brewing a full pot and taking it out one cup at a time. If you’re serious about great coffee, then the best-selling BrewStation coffee maker is a must.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker - 47950

This best-selling coffee maker works similarly to a traditional automatic drip filter machine, but with one significant difference, it is brewed into an internal water tank instead of a glass water bottle. This innovation in brewing technology will make your last cup taste as fresh as your first. The internal heater keeps the coffee at the optimal temperature for up to four hours, so you can refuel with a fresh, hot cup throughout the morning. You can easily pour your cup with the one-handed operation of the dispensing wand. The water tank is removable for easy refilling and cleaning.

Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single-Serve Coffee Maker-49981A

The Scoop Single-Serve coffee maker goes where no coffee maker used to go and brews hotter, faster and better tasting coffee than most of the gourmet machines there. And, it doesn’t stop there. The Scoop coffee maker takes advantage of the simplicity of ground coffee to quickly brew a customizable cup, an 8 oz. cup in less than 90 seconds or a 14 oz. Travel mug in less than two and a half minutes. It has a steel mesh scoop for filtering freshly ground coffee and comes with a built-in adjustable stand that can be flipped over to accommodate a standard size cup or a taller travel mug.

Brewing Science: The Cutting-Edge Technology Behind Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers

Hamilton Beach goes beyond basic functionality to incorporate advanced technology in their coffee makers. At the heart of their brewing excellence is the use of programmable microcontrollers that allow for precise timing and temperature control, ensuring that every cup of coffee is brewed to perfection. In models like the FlexBrew, proprietary technology enables seamless switching between different brew types and sizes, from a single cup to a full carafe, without compromising on quality.

Another noteworthy feature is the advanced filtration system that ensures your coffee is free from impurities, providing a cleaner, richer taste. High-end models even offer thermal flavor extraction techniques, which manage water temperature and coffee saturation for optimal flavor profiles. To round off the technological offerings, some of the latest Hamilton Beach models are stepping into the world of smart appliances with features like digital displays and wireless connectivity. This allows users to control their coffee makers remotely and even receive updates and brewing tips. All of this makes Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers not just appliances, but cutting-edge tools for making exceptional coffee.


The Hamilton Beach programmable front fill coffee maker allows access to the reservoir and brew basket from the front, ending the back and forth operation of countertop coffee makers. You can now fill the water tank from the front of the machine instead of the back. The outward swinging brew basket is much easier to fill and keep clean than the top loading basket. Combined with automatic, optional cleaning cycle reminders, you can be sure your machine is brewing the best coffee possible.

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker - 46310

The Hamilton Beach FrontFill 12-cup programmable coffee maker can be easily filled from the front with a FrontFill water tank and a swing-out brew basket for coffee grounds. Now you can fill the tank from the front of the machine instead of the back. The swing-out brew basket is easier to fill and keep clean than the top loading basket. AutoPause & Pour allows you to quickly pour the first cup while the coffee is still brewing, and the automatic shut-off gives you peace of mind. Combined with automatic cleaning cycle reminders, you can be sure your machine is brewing the best tasting coffee.

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker - 49350

The Alexa-certified Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker is convenient for any home with a smartphone. Simply pair it with the Alexa app to start using voice commands, or use any Amazon Echo smart speaker device in your home. Let Alexa turn on your coffee maker to brew up to 12 cups of coffee in a glass carafe. With the front-facing water tank, it’s easy to add your favorite coffee to the swing-out brew basket and pour in the water without pulling the coffee maker out from under the cabinet. You can also use voice control, apps or manually turn off the connected coffee maker.

Effortless Maintenance for Long-Lasting Brews

Keeping your Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker in prime condition is a straightforward task, thanks to the brand’s focus on user-friendly design and easy maintenance. Many models come with removable parts like the drip tray, filter basket, and carafe, all of which are dishwasher-safe for quick and convenient cleaning. Additionally, descaling is a breeze, usually requiring only a mixture of water and vinegar run through a standard brew cycle.

For those who are especially concerned about longevity, Hamilton Beach provides detailed care guides in their user manuals. These guides offer step-by-step procedures for everything from deep-cleaning your machine to troubleshooting minor issues. Regular upkeep, like rinsing the carafe daily and emptying the filter basket, can go a long way in ensuring your coffee maker performs at its best for years to come. Some higher-end models even feature indicator lights or alerts to signal when it’s time for a clean or filter change. In summary, the maintenance and upkeep of Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers are designed to be as effortless as the machines are to operate.