Will Not Spill, Crack Or Burn.

The FlexBrew coffee maker can brew either a single cup of coffee or a full pot of coffee using ground coffee at the same time. It has a dual brewing system that allows you to brew a cup of coffee using K-pods or brew regular coffee into a pot or glass carafe. BrewStations can store the brewed coffee in a reservoir to keep it warm. This eliminates the need for fragile glass water bottles or hot plates that could burn the coffee.

Whether you choose a model with a glass carafe, a 12 cup coffee maker or a 40 cup coffee maker, we can guarantee one thing – they will all make amazing coffee and keep it warm for hours!

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker (47950)

The coffee maker brews up to 12 cups of coffee, one cup per output, to ensure that your coffee stays fresher for longer. The removable water reservoir makes filling clean and easy. The unique design does not use a glass carafe to prevent spilled coffee or break extra pieces. The gentle heating heater keeps coffee at the perfect temperature without burning the flavor. Adjustable auto shut-off feature can be customized to shut off from zero to four hours. Multiple brewing options allow you to choose from bold, regular or small batch options. The coffee maker is programmable to make iced coffee for a great tasting beverage in warm weather.

Hot coffee when ready A fresh cup of coffee at a time

As soon as you’re ready to drink, simply press the dispensing lever and hot coffee is dispensed directly into the mug or 7-inch travel mug. Quickly fill your cup with hot, fresh coffee.

Programmable controls and brewing options

Brew strength selector with 4 options: bold, regular, small batch 1-4 cups and iced coffee. At a glance, the blue backlit programmable clock can be set 24 hours in advance for wake up coffee.

Brew up to 12 cups

Make coffee the way you’ve always made it – the BrewStation works just like an automatic drip coffee maker. Add water, standard filters and ground coffee. Instead of brewing into a glass carafe, the coffee goes into an easy-to-remove internal water tank.

No glass bottle of fresh taste longer

This dispensing coffee maker eliminates the need for a glass carafe and instead dispenses fresh, delicious coffee quickly and easily, anytime, anywhere. Without a glass carafe, there are no breaks, spills, or cleaned roasted coffee stains.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker 48464

The Hamilton Beach 48464 coffee maker brews 12 cups of coffee at a time. This coffee maker and espresso machine comes with an insulated canister that keeps your drinks warm and flavorful for hours. This BrewStation coffee maker has a one-hand dispensing feature that allows you to fill the cup directly. Enjoy your coffee the way you like it, because this BrewStation coffee maker gives you a choice of bold, regular, iced and small-batch coffees. Simply turn on the programmable timer to prepare your coffee without waiting for the brew to finish in this BrewStation coffee maker.

4 brew settings
Includes bold, regular, iced coffee and small batch options

Programmable Timer
Allows you to preset the coffee maker so you can wake up to a fresh pot brew.

Makes up to 12 cups
So you can brew several cups at once.

Dispensing System
No glass carafe required, easy to operate with just one hand A gentle heater keeps the coffee in the thermal pot fresh for hours

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Coffee Maker 47380

If you’re tired of the pour-overs, spills and burnt coffee flavors that can result from traditional coffee makers, then you need to try this Hamilton Beach 47380 BrewStation single cup coffee maker! This coffee maker brews a full 10 cups of rich, black coffee the traditional way, while offering you the convenience of one-handed, one-cup dispensing. The unit’s gentle heating heater keeps coffee at the optimal temperature without overheating. Intuitive controls and features, such as a programmable clock/timer and 2-hour auto shut-off, are both convenient and energy efficient.

Maintaining and preserving the flavor of fresh brews

The internal water tank and gentle heater ensure that the coffee stays hot and tasty for two hours. Plus, you can automatically turn off your BrewStation after two hours without worry.

Allocate one fresh cup at a time

Simply press the dispensing lever with your mug or travel mug to fill the cup with hot, fresh coffee. There is no glass carafe to pour, spill or break, and no hot plate to burn the flavor of your coffee.

Brew up to 10 cups

Make coffee the way you’ve always made it – the BrewStation works just like an automatic drip coffee maker. Add water, standard filters and ground coffee. Instead of brewing into a glass carafe, the coffee goes into an easy-to-remove internal water tank.

Programmable controls and brewing options

This BrewStation gives you brewing control. It can be programmed 24 hours in advance for morning coffee, and the gentle keep warm feature keeps coffee warm for up to two hours.

Hamilton Beach Brew Station 40-Cup Coffee Urn 40540

The Hamilton Beach 40540 is easy to use so you can prepare your coffee drinks effortlessly and easily. You can enjoy the flavor, strength and intensity of your coffee every time you make it because this Hamilton Beach coffee maker and espresso machine has a meticulous brewing process. Plus, this coffee maker and espresso machine is a fast brewer, which means you can quickly pour out piping hot coffee and get up and out the door. Thanks to the large capacity of the Hamilton Beach 40540, you can make cup after cup of delightful, satisfying coffee and espresso.

Easy to Serve
BrewStation eliminates the need for two-handed pouring. There is no lever or button to hold, just place any size cup on the coffee dispensing lever and press until the cup is full. The BrewStation also features a dual heater system to keep coffee tasting fresh from cup to cup.

Easy Filling
Designed for stress-free service, the Hamilton Beach BrewStation 40-cup coffee maker is easy to fill and use.

Coffee Dispensing Bar
The coffee dispensing bar allows for one-handed service. Simply slide the cup against the bar and hold it until the cup is filled.

Keeps it hot and fresh
The BrewStation is equipped with a dual heater system to keep coffee hot and fresh for hours.

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker 46293

The Hamilton Beach 12-cup programmable coffee maker with black stainless steel trim has a large capacity of 12 cups and is programmable so your coffee is hot and ready when you wake up in the morning. The coffee maker conveniently turns off after 2 hours, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. The auto pause and serve feature automatically pauses the brew cycle so you can sneak a cup while the coffee is still brewing without making a mess. The non-stick heating plate keeps the pot warm until you’re ready for your next cup. The coffee maker is easy to fill and features a large water window that is easy to view.

Programmable to fit your schedule

The digital clock is easy to program, and you can set the brew time to 24 hours in advance to wake up the prepared coffee.

Easy to clean

12-cup borosilicate glass water bottle and lift and clean brew basket are top rack dishwasher safe; hot plate is non-stick and easy to wipe clean.

Selected Beers

Prefer a stronger beer? Or just want the right balance even if you only make one serving? This coffee maker gives you the brew customization you need – choose from bold, regular or 1-4 cups.

Auto Pause & For

When you lift the coffee pot to pour a cup of coffee, the brewing is automatically paused.