Think there are only so many ways to improve what people have been buying for years? Think again. We’ve been building Hamilton Beach coffee makers for decades, but that doesn’t mean that once we perfected the design, we decided to call it a day. Here are three design and technology upgrades you’re sure to want in your next coffee maker.

1. A coffee maker with a FrontFill water reservoir and coffee grounds basket, so you don't have to pull it out from under the upper cabinet every time you try to fill it up.

We interviewed many coffee lovers and they told us that the easy to use water reservoir and coffee grounds basket was one of the most important features they wanted in a coffee maker.

Think about it: Typically, when you use a regular automatic drip coffee maker, you pour water into the back of the machine and fill the grounds through the flip-top lid. However, if your coffee maker sits on the countertop below the upper cabinet, you must first pull the coffee maker toward you so that you have enough room to fill it.

That’s why we created a series of coffee makers where you can fill the water tank from the front of the machine instead of the back. You don’t have to move the coffee maker an inch – just flip the front cover up to fill the tank. When you’re ready to fill the coffee grounds, the brew basket swings toward you from the front for easy access.

2. A coffee maker that works with Amazon Alexa, which will have your coffee ready and waiting for you before you even step into the kitchen.

Sometimes you wake up and need “this second” of coffee, but that requires getting up and getting ready. Or sometimes you need to cut a few minutes out of your morning routine – but don’t want to give up your morning caffeine fix entirely.

This coffee maker lets you simply ask Alexa through your smart speaker or use the Alexa app on your phone to start brewing, so your coffee stays fresh and hot as soon as it’s ready. If you accidentally forget to turn off the coffee maker before you leave home, you can also change the brew strength and use the Alexa app.

This is also great for people who want to program their coffee maker to brew automatically in the morning but also tend to press the snooze button a few times. In this case, you can simply get ready to get up instead of facing a cold pot of coffee and start brewing through the app or smart speaker. It’s also designed with our special front-fill feature, so it really is multiple solutions in one.

3. The coffee maker comes with an internal water tank to hold the brewed coffee, so it stays fresher for longer - plus a lever for easy one-handed dispensing.

There is a lot of stale, burnt coffee in the world. A dispensing coffee machine can alleviate this. This is a regular automatic drip machine, but instead of placing the brewed coffee in a glass carafe, it is contained in a food-safe internal canister. While brewing is done at high temperatures for optimal flavor, the temperature in the canister is regulated to keep the coffee fresh for several hours. So you can expect the second or third cup you pour to taste as if it was just made.

Losing a glass water bottle also means people can touch one less thing – and that’s more important than ever. To easily offer the benefits of java, these Brewstation models feature a touch strip for one-handed dispensing. Simply press your cup onto the bar and voila. It’s the perfect convenience when you’re holding your phone or favorite baby. Plus, they’re very easy to clean. The internal water tank and brew basket can be removed for cleaning. Some models even have sensors to alert you when action is needed.