Wake Up and Make a Splash: Morning Coffee by the Pool

Waking up on a sunny summer morning, stepping outside, and seeing your sparkling pool beckoning you for a swim—it’s the makings of a perfect day. But often, our pools could use a little TLC to get them ready for some fun pool time. Between cleaning the pool itself and maintaining the right chemical balance, it can be a lot of work. Thankfully, with the right pool maintenance equipment like Dolphin pool cleaners, you can cut down on that work and spend more of your summer actually enjoying your pool.

And let’s not forget arguably the most important part of starting any morning right: a delicious cup of coffee! This is where Hamilton Beach coffee makers come in. With Hamilton Beach, you can brew up anything from a quick cup to keep you moving in the morning to an entire pot to share with family and friends poolside.

So whether you’re a passionate swimmer looking to dive into crystal clear water or someone who prefers lounging poolside with a good book—let a Dolphin pool cleaner and a Hamilton Beach coffee maker be your summer morning MVPs. Keep reading for tips on enjoying your very own morning coffee by the pool routine with the help of these two all-star brands.

Keeping Your Pool Party Ready with Dolphin Pool Cleaners

Let’s start by getting your pool ready for those morning swims and poolside hangs. As any pool owner knows, a pool is a ton of work. You need to regularly check chemical levels, scrub surfaces, skim debris, and vacuum the floor. It can easily turn into a multiple-hours-per-week commitment.

Thankfully, Dolphin pool cleaners take all of that work off your plate by actively cleaning your pool for you. Dolphin makes a variety of robotic and automatic pool cleaners that crawl along your pool floor and walls, scrubbing and vacuuming as they go. They filter out debris, dirt, bugs, leaves, and anything else that finds its way into your pool.

Dolphin even makes leaf cleaning pool cleaners specifically designed to handle leaves and larger debris. Their filters then trap all these particles so they don’t end up back in your clean pool water.

Effortless Pool Cleaning with Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners

One of Dolphin’s most popular pool cleaner options is the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner. This workhorse cleaner is perfect for pools up to 50 feet in length, scrubbing the floor, walls, waterline, and even the tile seam of your entire pool in just under 2 hours.

It uses Smart-Nav scanning software to intelligently navigate your entire pool, ensuring it doesn’t miss a single spot. Dual scrubbing brushes power through algae, bacteria, and debris on floor and walls, while the top-access filter is easy to remove and clean.

Reviewers love that the Dolphin Premier allows them to simply turn it on and walk away while it handles the scrubbing and vacuum for crystal clear results. No more spending weekends manually scrubbing and vacuuming!

For larger pools, Dolphin offers the Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner which tackles pools up to 50 feet in under 3 hours. It features the same Smart-Nav software plus added features like an easy-clean net for collecting extra large debris.

Powerful Suction of Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaners

If you’re looking for pure vacuum power, the Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaners are the way to go. These cleaners attach to your pool’s filtration system and utilize the system’s pump for extra strong suction and vacuum power.

The Dolphin E10 Automatic Pool Cleaner is made for quick suction cleaning of pools up to 30 feet in under an hour. With fast water releases and dual scrubbing brushes, it powers through floor debris for a weekly deeper clean.

For more power, the Dolphin Escape Automatic Pool Cleaner has a commercial grade motor ideal for pools up to 50 feet. Reviewers mention this workhorse “gobbles up” debris in record time.

Effortless Maintenance with Every Dolphin Pool Cleaner

No matter which Dolphin pool cleaner model you choose, they all aim to make pool maintenance truly effortless. Dolphin cleaners do the hard work for you, so all you have to do is plug them in, turn them on, and let them get to scrubbing.

Reviewers love how their Dolphin pool cleaners save them hours every week and deliver professional-quality cleaning results. The robots move methodically around the pool, cleaning everywhere thoroughly so you don’t have to.

With a Dolphin cleaner, you can skip the weekend deep scrub sessions and still have a sparkling clean pool ready for swimming and relaxing anytime.

Brew Your Morning Cup of Motivation with Hamilton Beach

Once your pool is cleaned and ready for a morning swim, next comes fueling up with a fresh cup of coffee. And that’s where Hamilton Beach comes in.

As one of the biggest names in small kitchen appliances, Hamilton Beach is best known for their adaptable, reliable, and affordable coffee makers. Because let’s be honest—as much as we all love our morning cup of java, not everyone needs the fanciest barista-style maker out there.

The beauty of Hamilton Beach coffee makers is they make great coffee simple and attainable for any home or budget. Whether you prefer single serve or full pots, there’s a Hamilton Beach coffee maker ready to brew your morning wake up call.

Single Serve Convenience with Hamilton Beach Scoop Models

For weekday mornings when time is tight, Hamilton Beach single serve coffee makers offer the fastest route from tired to caffeinated. The Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker is one of their most popular models, with over 20,000 5-star reviews.

This compact single serve machine is specially designed for ground coffee, featuring a handy coffee scoop built right into the base. Just scoop your grounds into the mesh filter, fit it into place, and you can brew a fresh cup in under 90 seconds.

Reviewers love the convenience of making one quick cup without the waste of k-cups or the expense of a pricier model. The Scoop is ideal for zippy cups first thing in the morning. Plus its affordability means you can keep one in your home office or garage too.

For the ultimate on-the-go convenience, Hamilton Beach’s Single Serve Coffee Maker with Travel Mug takes the Scoop model one step further. It comes with a plastic travel mug that brews your coffee right into a cup you can take with you.

Full Pot Perfection with Programmable Hamilton Beach Models

When weekend mornings arrive or you have guests joining you poolside, larger Hamilton Beach coffee makers let you brew full pots to fuel the fun.

The Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker offers full-pot ease with programmable brewing. You can use settings to automatically start brewing each morning, so you wake up to ready-made coffee every day.

For those who live large, the optional 2-Way Brewer Side lets you brew a pot and a travel mug at the same time. Reviewers love being able to make coffee for a crowd or prepare to-go cups for everyone at once.

Or opt for the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffeemaker for the best of both worlds. It flexes between single serve for quick cups and full pots for when you need more. The thermal carafe keeps full batches hot for hours, ideal for sipping while you lounge poolside.

Bold Coffee Flavor Starts with Hamilton Beach

No matter which Hamilton Beach coffee maker you choose, you can trust it to deliver on convenience, reliability, and value. As one 5-star reviewer raves:

“I can’t believe the quality of coffee this inexpensive machine makes! I’m equally impressed by how well it’s made and how well it still works after a few years…It’s perfect for my needs.”

So swap out pricey trips to coffee shops for brewing bold coffee flavor at home every morning this summer. With a Hamilton Beach coffee maker, you have endless options for fueling up before you dive into your sparkling clean pool.

Start Your Days with a Splash: Morning Coffee Poolside Perfection

Can you think of anything better than starting your summer days with morning coffee poolside? With a Hamilton Beach coffee maker to brew your daily dose of caffeine and a Dolphin pool cleaner to do the scrubbing for you, it’s easy to make this dream a reality (and look forward to it all year long)!

The next time you’re sitting by your pool with fresh coffee in hand, take a moment to appreciate how Hamilton Beach and Dolphin make it all possible. While you soak up the sun and savor your morning brew, your pool is getting cleaner behind the scenes, so it’s always ready for a dip.

For many homeowners, a pristine pool is a source of joy, activity, relaxation, and entertainment. Yet maintaining a pool requires a big commitment of time and effort. Likewise, great coffee is a daily joy, but brewing it every morning takes time.

With Dolphin and Hamilton Beach, you can skip the work and focus just on the joy. Let a Dolphin pool cleaner handle the scrubbing so you never have to spend your weekend mornings on maintenance. And rely on a Hamilton Beach coffee maker to deliver on convenient, quality coffee you can look forward to.

So here’s to many more sunny mornings fueled by coffee and cooled by a refreshing dip. May your pools be sparkling, your coffee strong, and your mornings the best part of the day. Cheers!

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